Why are HNIs Leaving India? Immigration Facts 2023!

Have you ever wondered why it’s a big deal when the rich pack their bags?

Well, it turns out that approximately 6,500 high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) are planning to bid adieu to India in 2023! That might seem like a small number considering our population of 1.42 billion, right? But hey, wait a minute.

We aren’t talking about average citizens here; we’re talking about HNIs who have at least USD 1 million or more in their pockets. To put it in perspective, that’s about 8 crores INR! Meanwhile, there are more than 432 million middle-class people, and unfortunately, more than 80 million Indians still live below the poverty line.

And here’s the kicker: while the middle class struggles to survive, the HNIs want to leave. I understand that people have their reasons. Some are looking for a better quality of life, top-notch education, tax optimization, political stability, etc…

But the point is this: shouldn’t these bigwigs stay here to create jobs, support start-ups, and invest in our country? Instead, they prefer to live abroad. I’m all for freedom and choice, and immigration is my bread and butter, but it does make you wonder, doesn’t it? Why shouldn’t the middle class or upper middle class look for a better life and better opportunities if they can create one for themselves abroad? So what’s wrong with the middle class wanting to migrate for a better life abroad?

Since I’ve been working extensively in the immigration industry, I’ve observed how trends have shifted. People used to jet off to a better life, and it used to seem like a necessity; now it’s a sort of backup plan to secure themselves or their children’s education!I’ve covered this in my post . And yes, while it’s everyone’s right to decide where they want to settle, these many HNIs leaving the country are certainly a worrying factor and contradict the claim that immigration is a dying industry in #India because this data is certainly not small!

I say that immigration has a lot to do with humanism, and that we’re all free agents in this vast universe, deciding for ourselves where we want to settle. But let me know what you think about the exodus of HNIs from the country?

On that note, we at Success Immigration wish you a healthy and prosperous ‘Happy New Year’ – 2024! May this year bring you much success and good health and make your immigration dreams come true if you’re thinking of going abroad!

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