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Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a well-known point-based immigration system in Canada, and it falls under one of the three categories within the Express Entry system.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program that allows individuals who have worked in Canada for at least one year to immigrate permanently. CEC is a part of Canada’s Express Entry immigration system.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CEC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have obtained at least one year of skilled, professional or technical work experience in Canada within 36 months of the application date; and
  • Meet or surpass a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 (“initial intermediate”) for NOC TEER category 2 or 3 jobs or CLB 7 (“adequate intermediate proficiency”), for NOC TEER category 0 or 1 jobs.
  • Plan to live and work outside of the province of Quebec
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Score Grid of CEC

Often people have a misconception that they have to meet the same 67 points as for FSWP to qualify for the CEC and whether you are applying for CEC or FSWP one has to meet 67 points as well to qualify, this is not the case. The Canadian Experience Class does not require an additional selection grid unlike FSWP and is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System CRS and unlike FSWP you are not assessed for the different points grid. Your CRS score is your score for the CEC as well.