Business Immigration Overview: Choose your Investments Wisely!

Have you made a well-informed decision about which Canadian business to invest in to obtain a permanent residence visa under Business Immigration?

Someone contacted us expressing interest in attending the collision conference hosted in Toronto for startup owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, as he would be visiting his sister in Toronto this month. We casually inquired about the purpose of their visit, and they mentioned that they wanted to explore potential business opportunities before making an investment.

When we asked if the investment was for PR or for the business itself, they replied “Of course for PR”. We then naturally asked them about the specific process they had in mind to which they surprisingly replied, “I do not know!”

If you are unsure of the visa category you will be seeking in the future to obtain permanent residency (PR), it would not be advisable to invest in any random business if your goal is to obtain PR.

Start-up Visa

It is important to thoroughly understand the available investment categories offered by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the investment category. For example, investing in a gas station for category c-11 is not only irrelevant to the PR process, but may not be a wise investment if it does not align with your PR goals.

Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your investment aligns with your goals and the requirements of the PR process.

Below are most popular visa categories from IRCC to get a PR by investing in the right business, including the Canada Start-up Visa, of course!

  • Intra Company Transfer (ICT)Program: Entrepreneurs who have achieved success with their businesses in their home countries may choose to establish a branch or subsidiary of their company in Canada. This branch has the flexibility to engage in foreign business within the same industry as the parent company or explore investment opportunities in a different line of business.
  • C-11 work permit for Entrepreneur:Unique business that will create work will generate significant economic, social or cultural benefits, or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents .
  • LMIA Pathway( Such as owner operator):Small or medium business in Canada (can be convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, nail salons etc.). After the rule change eliminating the ability to earn 200 points for an LMIA work permit via the Owner-Operator process, We no longer recommend this option unless a person already has a CRS score of 440+. With only 50 additional points, one can still apply for permanent residency.
  • Start-up Visa: Innovative, highly scalable and high revenue generating business!

You can also fill in the details below for our experts to review and inform you if there’s any opportunity for your PR through the Business Immigration program and specify the visa category. We will call you back within 24 hours after receiving the inquiry form to discuss your opportunity in detail.

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