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US Green Card

US Green Card

US Green Card: Joe Biden’s New Citizenship Plan to Offer Relief to Half-a-Million Immigrants This seems like clickbait! Brace yourself now, who will qualify and what’s the update!? Who will qualify for the new plan An immigrant who has lived in the…

Opportunity Card Germany

Opportunity Card

Introduction to the opportunity Card The introduction of the opportunity card in accordance with Section 20a of the Residence Act (AufenthG) for skilled workers seeking employment on June 1, 2024 represents an important step for Germany in shaping its migration policy. As…


I was asked yesterday about K1- Visa assistance and I remembered that I had assisted someone with their K1- Visa documentation in the past(I-129F Petition), which reminded me of an earlier case I handled for Express Entry. That case was…

Canada Investment Visas

Canada Investment Visas

In continuation of my previous post, attached is a document that deals exclusively with alternative investor options for Canada(Canada Investment Visas), other than the Canada Startup Visa. However, as mentioned in my comment, both the ICT and C-11 options are…

Province Entrepreneur Visa!

Province Entrepreneur Visa

If it is not a Canada startup visa, what other options do I have?Province entrepreneur visa! Best Pathway for PR without any upfront investment. Well, if insider information is to be believed, the entire business incubator quota for Canada for…