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Times have changed. There was a time when people had no idea how to start a business or relocate abroad. There weren’t too many resources, not too many online platforms. Yes, times have changed for the #immigrationindustry, and now it’s no longer a big deal to go abroad. People go for vacations, weddings, honeymoons and so on. A foreign country is no longer foreign to Indians. That’s why I was very blunt in one of my mailers to our clients, because of course I know how important time is in this industry!!

Time is of the Essence

As an immigration consultant, I always emphasise to my clients, ‘We don’t have time.’ That’s right! When it comes to immigration, I can’t just sit back and say ‘It’s ok, take your time, and come back to me when you have made a decision. No, I wouldn’t do that.

Client Testimonial: A Successful Turnaround

Most of my clients agree with this, and if I remember correctly, one of my clients mentioned in his testimonial: because of Priya’s persuasive skills and professional approach, which helped me build confidence, I made a ‘U’ turn in my successful journey to Canada till date. . This client of mine invested $300,000 CAD for a start-up visa under Business Immigration to Canada, and I’m glad it was worth the money! This testimonial is also available on LinkedIn and our website. Just adding the link here!

Acknowledging Client Sentiments

The moral of the story: I’ve advised a large number of clients (perhaps more than 1 lakh!) on immigration, and I appreciate and respect every sentiment, even while acknowledging the difficulties of moving to a new country! There are hundreds of clients with hundreds of reasons to delay the decision – as the saying goes, ‘to each their own.

Your Decision Window: 3+ Years

I don’t want to sound blunt, but the fact is that you have more than 3 years to make a decision even if you haven’t made one today! Well, after 3 years, having PR card holder status in a foreign country is a smart decision, it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to make it complicated — job, kids, family, finances etc. —because you have a good 3 years, and everything can change in that time.

Alternatives to Migration

On the contrary, if you don’t want to migrate after 3 years, take a holiday, or earn back the money you invested in your PR for a few months and come back. One thing is for sure: no foreign employer will say “we can’t hire you because you already have a work permit,” right?

Continuous Support in Your Immigration Journey

I personally don’t push my clients past a certain point for obvious reasons, and we take care of the follow up promptly, not just with the payments, but afterwards as well, Again, I say, ‘You don’t have time; the ideal time for immigration would have been a year back, and today is the next best possible time. So what is holding you back? If anything, call us because we have all ears and also the best possible solutions for your immigration journey!

“Your time begins now.” and The clock is ticking!!⏰

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