Intra Company Transfer (ICT)

Do you currently operate a successful business in your home country? If yes, you may be eligible for permanent residence in Canada as a business owner under Intra Company Transfer( ICT). You may choose to establish a branch or subsidiary of their company in Canada. This branch has the flexibility to engage in foreign business within the same industry as the parent company or explore investment opportunities in a different line of business.

How to obtain a Permanent Residence: Using Express Entry pathway after 1 year.

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Success Immigration-Intra Company Transfer(ICT)

Considering Expanding Your Business? Don’t Miss Out on This Insight!

Unlock International Business Growth with the ICT Program

Have you ever pondered the idea of establishing your business in the dynamic heart of innovation, Silicon Valley? Maybe you even had a chance that slipped through your fingers?

But let’s take a step back – the truth is, success isn’t limited to the boundaries of Silicon Valley. While it’s undeniable that Silicon Valley and San Francisco consistently attract the lion’s share of venture capital funding, concerns about potential tech bubbles and funding slowdowns have prompted entrepreneurs to explore alternative paths for growth.

The magnetic allure of Silicon Valley for aspiring entrepreneurs is truly irresistible. Envision gaining access to the brightest tech minds, connecting with influential brands, and immersing yourself in a thriving network of start-ups and investors. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, right?

Introducing Canada’s ICT (Intra-Company Transfer) Program

You might wonder, why should the ICT process be on your radar?

No Need for a Significant Investment

No Requirement for an Innovative Business

Flexible Subsidiary or Branch Office Options

Your Canadian office can engage in the same field as your parent company or venture into diverse business lines.

It’s common to think that the ICT program is exclusively tailored for large corporations with substantial turnovers.

However, let’s debunk that myth! In our experience, we’ve successfully handled cases with modest turnovers as proving that the ICT program caters to financially stable companies of varying sizes. The pivotal aspect lies in crafting robust business plans and strategic approaches.

Here’s an exclusive insight into the ICT Work Permit:

Duration: Typically issued for 1-2 years, with potential renewals for an additional 2-3 years, offering a seamless operational span of up to 5 years.

So, if you’ve been sidelining the ICT program, assuming it doesn’t align with your aspirations, think again!!

Your journey toward expansion could unveil captivating possibilities in Canada – a nation celebrated for its welcoming immigration policies and thriving business ecosystem.

Embrace a broader scope for your growth – navigate the ICT route and position your business for triumph on the global stage. If you’re eager to explore how this program could catalyze your success, let’s connect and chart your course to new horizons!

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