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In this post today, we have important news to share about Australia’s new migration strategy. Let’s delve into the key points.Australian PR New Migration Strategy.

The value of time: 

As humans, we often don’t realise the importance of certain things until we have lost them. This analogy is particularly apt in the area of immigration. If you have been following my communications, you’ll have noticed that I repeatedly emphasise the importance of time, the “now or never” aspect, and my recent post, “Don’t dig the well when there’s a fire in the house.” This isn’t mere rhetoric, but based on my 13 years of experience with the unpredictability of rule changes by immigration authorities.
Australia’s New Migration Strategy:

Australia’s new migration strategy announced! These are reforms, and we at Success Immigration provide a realistic summary to help you plan your Australian PR process!

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visas and Points System:

  • A significant decline in migration intake is expected for the coming year. For the years 2022-2023, 510,000 immigrants were forecast, while 375,000 immigrants are forecast for 2023-2024, which represents a significant decline.
  • Discussions about a new points system are ongoing, but no decisions have been made yet!

Student Visas:

  • Introducing a Genuine Student Test (GST) to replace Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Increased funding for visa integrity
  • Preventing course swapping
  • Scrutinise lower-quality education providers Increasing minimum English language requirements in early 2024

Three new types of Temporary Work Visas:

Focus on visas with clear pathways to Permanent Residency (PR), aiming to eliminate the concept of being ‘permanently temporary.’ Introduction of three new types of temporary work visas: Specialist Skills, Core Work, and Essential Skills.

Specialist Skills: This pathway recognises highly skilled migrants are hugely beneficial to Australia’s national productivity, including through their support of critical sovereign capabilities and potential to grow the skills and expertise of the Australian workforce. The Specialist Skills Pathway will be available to applicants who meet the general eligibility criteria (for example, be nominated by an

approved employer, meet the health and character requirements and who are:

  • in any occupation except trades workers, machinery operators and drivers, and labourers
  • earning at least $135,000 (the Specialist Skills Threshold)

Core Work: Most temporary skilled migrants will come through the Core Skills Pathway, which is designed to bring in the skilled employees Australia needs now and, in the future, to ensure that we can provide ourselves with the goods and services we need to support our way of life. The Core Skills Pathway would be available, for example, Registered Nurses, and will include trades workers, machinery operators, and drivers. The general eligibility criteria are:

  • Individuals with the occupation on the new Core Skills Occupation List
  • Individuals with a salary at or above the TSMIT

Essential Skills: A pathway for lower-paid workers with essential skills. The Government is primarily considering the pathway in the context of the care and support economy, which has become essential to the quality of life of Australians.

Temporary Graduate Visas:

One of the significant changes in the Migration Strategy that will affect many people is related to the Graduate Visa. The modifications include:

  • Reducing the age eligibility from 50 to 35 years of age
  • Reducing the length of stay
  • Preventing graduates from moving back to student Visas
  • Increasing the English language proficiency requirements – The test score required for a Temporary Graduate visa will increase from an IELTS score (or equivalent) of 6.0 to 6.5
  • The extension of post-study work rights will no longer be available. Only applicants who studied in a regional area will be eligible for an extension
  • Graduate Visa streams will be re-named as ‘Post-higher Education Work’ and ‘Post-Vocational Education Work’ streams to be more descriptive for the relevant applicants
  • The ‘Replacement Stream’ of the Graduate Visa and the subclass 476 visa will be abolished
  • The processing times for the ‘Post-Higher Education Work Stream’ will be backed by a 21-day service standard
  • The work experience requirement for a Temporary Skills Shortage visa will be changed to give Graduate Visa holders more opportunities to move on to a skilled visa and have faster pathways to permanent residency

Priority for Regional Areas:

The government will collaborate closely with states and territories to enhance the precision in addressing regional population requirements. They will prioritize visas sponsored by employers in rural and regional Australia to enhance migrant pathways beyond cities.

They will review the regional migration settings and the Working Holiday Maker program to ensure migration supports development objectives in regional Australia and does not contribute to the exploitation of migrant workers.

Global Talent Visa:

The Global Talent program will focus on a select number of migrants in priority sectors who can make significant contributions to Australia.

With the new Specialist Skills Pathway, which will open new and streamlined pathways for highly skilled migrants, the Global Talent visa will be more sharply to a relatively small number of migrants who can make outsized contributions to the country.

When Will the Reforms Be Implemented?

The Home Affairs website provides an Action Plan with a timeline for existing and new commitments. For a comprehensive overview of when these changes will take place,  You can have a look at the full Action Plan for complete Action Plan and strategically plan your Australian PR process.

It’s important to note that these reforms are relatively recent, and additional details are anticipated. We’ll ensure to keep you informed as soon as we receive any updates.

The Power of Choice and the Opportunity Ahead:

In conclusion, if Australian immigration has been on your radar, now is arguably the opportune moment to explore the opportunity!While the future remains uncertain and there’s no guarantee of eased PR visa processes or the immigration rules, But starting your journey today ensures you haven’t missed out on potential benefits.

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