Australian PR for University Lecturers

Australian PR for University Lecturers!!

When teaching experience speaks!

It’s well known fact that IT profiles  and Engineers  are in high demand in Australia , and although we advertise these professions big time, there’s something that often goes unnoticed: Although they on the demand list and there is an undeniable skills shortage, you need to score at least 85 to 90 on the Expression of Interest (EOI) for Australia to be selected.

This is remarkable when you consider that the basic entry criteria for Australia remains at 65 points.

What does that tell you? It’s a game of supply and demand, my dear friend!

 Now let’s talk about teaching professionals! If you or your spouse are a university lecturer, your skills are not only on the Australian demand list, but they are also in high demand! At the last draw, the minimum score for a university lecturer was only 65 points, as per the basic eligibility criteria.

According to DHA data, only 224 applications have been received for the year Nov 2022 for university lecturers, whereas for Engineers, there were 2858 applications, and for IT, there were 2600 applications with 65 points. This highlights the demand and supply rule, positioning university lecturers as one of the most popular occupations for Australian immigration.

While it’s undeniable that the teaching profession is one of the most difficult and demanding professions, it’s interesting to observe why not as many applications have been received for the teaching profession in Australia as for the IT profession and other occupations?

If you or your spouse are university teachers and would like to find out more about immigration to Australia, send your resume to

Pro-tip: The University lecturer occupation demands a Publication List detailing research papers published in the last five years for a positive employment assessment. The research area must be relevant to the teaching area.

 We have currently received two applications whose applications were previously rejected. So make sure you take care of this aspect along with your letter of reference for work experience when applying yourself or getting a consultancy to help you with the paperwork!

As per Australia, The average annual salary for lecturer jobs in Australia ranges from $95,000 to $115,000.

Happy teaching, as always!

A big thank you to all the Teachers and University Lecturers  who continue to inspire the children, even those as mischievous as me!

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