Subclass 491 Visa grant letter! Australian PR Visa!

A Small Visa grant Story!!! Subclass 491

This client was a personal reference for my Australian processing business partner who works alongside me for our firm. She’s an ICT Project Manager, and initially, she received an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from NSW(New South Wales) in the first week of March 2023. Unfortunately, she turned 45 on March 18, ’23, and we were unable to get the ITA for her visa before March 18, as the authorities only had 8-9 days to process the application!

Ideally, we would have lost the entire opportunity for this client if we hadn’t convinced her to file a visa application under 491, which we did last year. This way, she was able to get a visa under the subclass 491. Fortunately, this visa is for South Australia, allowing her to live and work anywhere in the region with no pin code restrictions!

Just for information, we have the option to withdraw the visa application for subclass 491 if we successfully receive an invitation for subclass 190 or 189. Yes, you may have to pay the government fees twice, there’s no denying that, but it’s worth doing. You’re still safe if you get the ITA for your visa application just before you turn 45. But yes, we have to get the ITA before you turn 45, otherwise that’s exactly what happened to this client.

Moral of the story: Age matters, time matters, and it’s always best to have a backup plan when we know we’re on the edge. I’m excited for the client and the team and can’t wait to get their feedback once they’re settled in South Australia to hear more about their experience!

PFA the visa grant for her and her husband both:)(Husband is a dependent )

If you’d like to know more about Australian immigration or 491, don’t forget to send an email!

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