Exciting News: Subclass 190 Invitation Under SAS(Skilled Australian Sponsored Visa) Stream!!

We are pleased to share the invite for the subclass 190 under the SAS (Skilled Australian Sponsored) stream!(PFA for the same)

 Let’s be clear: if any consultancy or immigration lawyer claims they have never experienced rejection in their immigration history, that’s an outright lie! It’s impossible not to face rejection in this industry, and professionals know how it works. 

I’ve seen mistakes by the relevant authorities in my experience lead to rejections, and, of course, we reapplied and eventually got approval! I’d like to emphasize that the success of our clients isn’t limited to their success or our business promotion alone! 

I’m sure we can all agree that this is a source of motivation for everyone in the industry, both potential clients and those already in the process. It’s a great inspiration for us to do what we do. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this is a way to increase business or attract more clients. It’s part of the fundamentals of any business, and I won’t deny that. “But it’s also motivating for us to share the ‘Good News’, especially during times when there have been no draws from Australia(DHA), and the States have been particularly rigid recently! 

Yes, it’s a joyous moment and I’m delighted with the hard work of the team and the patience of the client. I personally don’t deserve any credit for it, but I’m happy for the client and the team’s efforts! I look forward to sharing more of these approvals in the future, and I’m also happy for everyone else who has successfully received their approvals. 

The only thing to ponder is what if they weren’t our clients!! 

Humanity > Business 

Happiness > Competition. 

Does that make sense?

On that note, if you want to find out about your immigration journey and fair chances without sugarcoating the process, you always know who to turn to! I’m just happy for the success because we are a small company and small victories like this are our biggest successes!

The Success Immigration
The Success Immigration
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