Vetassess Approval for Australian Immigration for University Lecturer

Australian Immigration

PFA the University Lecturer positive outcome for skill assessment from Vetassess!

We have received three previously rejected applications for ‘University Lecturer’ from different consultancies, and we are currently processing those applications. This post is not meant to talk about or belittle anyone’s work. Instead, it serves as an awareness piece where one can understand the importance of research before blindly listening to someone or paying someone for the process not just for ‘University Lecturer,’ but for any occupation, for that matter!

Nowhere are we advocating that we are only the best in the industry, but personally, I am someone who believes in knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, isn’t it??

I’ve heard this before from the clients, but Priya we were guaranteed on the outcome, and hence we are now hesitant to trust someone we were guaranteed on the outcome, and hence we are now hesitant to trust someone, as the saying goes, ‘once bitten, twice shy!’ It’s unfortunate yes, I agree! However, the responsibility lies with you as an applicant!  If you would have been a little more mindful about knowing how immigration works, there are no guarantees before blaming anyone.However, there are certainly things we can control and work on to obtain a positive outcome, which we have successfully done for our clients.

This post comes from a place of awareness, as rejection is not foreign to anyone in the immigration industry. Please find attached one of the ‘University Lecturer’ positive outcomes. Just to be honest, we don’t get these profiles in bulk, unlike IT profiles and Engineers. Yes, you read that correctly, and that’s why their cut-off points are just 65, even for subclass 189!

1)Skill Assessment AuthorityVetassess

2)Skill Assessment Requirements: Minimum years of experience to receive a positive outcome for the skill assessment: 1 year post-qualification. However, it is mandatory to have, for both teaching and non-teaching/research-only roles, at least one research paper published in the last five years for employment to be assessed positively. Completing a PhD or MPhil thesis does not meet this requirement.

3)Myth: You don’t need to have 3 years of work experience. Yes, you need 3 years of experience to claim work experience points, but for the skill assessment approval, it’s just one year in the recent 5 years . Be careful about the research part, which many applicants miss.

Please be cautious while submitting your documents and do thorough research before relying on expertise to assist you with the paperwork. I’ve provided detailed points about research work in the attached PDF file. If you’re interested, please read through.

And once again “Happy Teaching”

This client is from none other than Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)!

If you would like to know an honest immigration process, you already know whom to approach!

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