Myths about subclass 491(Skilled Work Regional Visa)

Explore Immigration Opportunities in Australia’s Regional Cities for Skilled Professionals Under subclass 491

I’ve always said that every coin has two sides, and immigration has a flip side. One should be aware of the facts before embarking on this journey. Therefore, this serves to educate about the subclass 491 visa and the reality of Australian immigration!

1)Myth 1: Lack of Interest in 491 Visa

I personally counsel many clients on Australian immigration and Canada start up Visa . Time and time again, I hear from Australian clients saying, “We are not interested in the 491 visa!

Well someone has famously said that obtaining a PR visa is a privilege and not a right of an applicant. So it’s your decision whether you want to immigrate or not if you have a low score which is 65!!!!

2)The Reality of Australian Immigration

Australian immigration is a challenge and is not expected to become any easier. Delays could result in an increase in eligibility requirements or thresholds. For IT professionals and engineers, the current cutoff points range between 85 and 90, unless the DHA decides to reduce them or the states lower their points. You may have to patiently wait in the EOI pool or consider applying for the 491 visa. However, not applying for the process, staying out of the pool, and stating that the requirements are too high and you may not secure the visa is not a solution if you are keen on migrating.

If you don’t give yourself a chance, how are you even going to go through the process?then how will you even get through the process?

3)Understanding The 491 Visa

The 491 Visa is designed for skilled applicants looking to live and work in regional Australia for up to five years, offering a pathway to permanent residency. To qualify for permanent residency (191 visa), applicants must live and work in regional Australia for at least three years before applying, meeting minimum employment and taxable income requirements.

Regional Areas Beyond Deserts

Contrary to popular belief, regional areas include cities such as Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Newcastle, Hobart, and Darwin. These regions offer numerous employment opportunities, but thorough research and connections to resources are required for a successful entry. With the exception of one regional area in Australia, all cities outside the major Australian capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are excluded.

4)The Solution: Start the Process

In conclusion, the key is to initiate the Australian immigration process. While cutoff points may seem high, starting the process through subclass 190 or 491 is the only viable solution unless some miracle happens and DHA decides to reduce the points. Waiting without giving yourself the opportunity might result in missed chances

5)Our Assistance to You

We are here to assist you throughout the journey. Our team has successfully guided clients living in various regions of Australia. Feel free to reach out for any support or clarification.

6)Next Steps and Process Information

PFA the document clearly explains Designated regional area postcodes. Also, just to add, we will lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) for direct permanent residency (PR) under subclass 189 if you have 65 points.

However, if we do not receive a direct invitation due to the high score, we will aim for state sponsorship under subclass 190 or subclass 491 for unforeseen reasons and we will not charge extra for the different subclasses.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about the process, please call us at 9108314100. We are happy to assist you with the details!

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The Success Immigration
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