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In continuation of my previous post, attached is a document that deals exclusively with alternative investor options for Canada(Canada Investment Visas), other than the Canada Startup Visa.

However, as mentioned in my comment, both the ICT and C-11 options are linked to Express Entry for PR opportunities in the near future. So if you are not able to get a minimum of 320 or 330 CRS points and your goal is to get a PR visa for your family in the near future, especially if you have already lost age points, these options may not be viable.

I’ve made a post exclusively on ICT(Intra Company Transfer) in the past but Another disadvantage of ICT that I have observed with a client (not my client) is the tax rate. For positions such as executives or managers nominated through the ICT process to receive 200 points in the future, the average tax rate is around 30% on your salary, depending on the province.

Imagine that after more than two years, if you are still in the Express Entry pool system and have not reached 500+ points and not received an ITA, you would have to pay a substantial amount of tax. You may be able to claim the tax amount if you are granted PR in the future, but if you are not, it could become a significant burden. It is therefore important that you are aware of your CRS score and eligibility before applying for these categories. However, if you meet the criteria and have sufficient CRS points, you can proceed with the application.

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