Province Entrepreneur Visa!

If it is not a Canada startup visa, what other options do I have?Province entrepreneur visa!

Best Pathway for PR without any upfront investment.

Well, if insider information is to be believed, the entire business incubator quota for Canada for 2024 is sold out! Well sounds like a product on the market but yes this is the harsh reality and not sure about other Designated Organizations (DO’s) as I have never worked with them but this is the update from Business Incubators, but if you know anyone who can still apply for Canada Startup, knowing it has become a bidding system and a LOS has sold at 100,000CAD! again of course I cannot disclose the names.

So what options do we have right now? Province entrepreneur category
Are they a new category? no, they are the oldest in fact older than Startup, but then why are they not popular?

To make a long story short: No one wants to take the long road or the hard road, yes, the provincial entrepreneur category is a long road under the work permit where you have to relocate, start your business, give jobs to Canadian citizens and after a year submit your business performance report based on which you get approval to apply for your PR application!

Now you know why we all liked the Start-up-Visa so much!!!?

You’ll also be expected to provide your Networth and business investment, along with your business plan based on which you’ll receive an ITA (invitation to apply) from that particular province. Networth verification is carried out by an approved third party provider and the best known of these are

I have personally worked with MNP usually any net worth provider takes 30-40 days for the final report to be sent to the PNP office

So this is a legitimate path even if it’s long but the chances of getting picked up is high and if you’re really interested in exploring your entrepreneurial skills, this is the best category available you don’t need to invest money in anything but do it with your own business.

PFA the ITA from Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia is better and the chances of ITA is high as their criteria is pretty simple If you’re interested in the provincial entrepreneur category where you don’t have to spend $100,000+ CAD for one LOS but still want to immigrate to Canada through the investment category and would like to find out about net worth verification, you can email

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