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When education becomes a business!!Educational Visa

Well, there is no denying that education has become a serious business, be it in our country or abroad. Recently, I had to deal with a student whose education visa to Australia had been rejected, who had lost his father, took a bank loan of 40 lakhs and wanted to pursue a PMP masters programme in Australia, despite coming from a civil engineering background.

Well, I’ve seen and experienced that many students are clueless about the courses they choose, influenced by the connections that service providers have with universities that promote those that offer them commissions! Yes, sad, but a hard fact! 

Introduction: The business of education

Education, a fundamental aspect of personal and professional development, has become serious business. This change applies not only to our country, but to other countries as well. As an individual navigating the complexities of education, you may find that the journey is more complex than expected .

A Typical example!

I was dealing with a student whose educational visa for Australia had been rejected, who had lost his father, took a bank loan of 40 lakhs and wanted to do a PMP masters programme in Australia, even though he came from a civil engineering background. I asked him the reason for his change of heart as I thought something more related to his civil background would have been better. Well, I have seen and experienced that many students have no idea what courses they are opting for because they are influenced by the links between service providers and universities who promote those who offer them commissions! Yes, sad, but a hard fact!!

The invisible  Influence: The Tie-ups and Commissions Dilemma

On closer inspection, it’s disheartening to realize that students often find themselves at a crossroads due to influences beyond their control. Many are influenced by agreements between service providers and universities that are geared towards commission rather than genuine educational success. This unfortunate fact underscores the importance of informed decision making when choosing degree programs that align with personal and professional goals.

The irony: education for future job opportunities

The irony, however, is that when writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP), especially from the perspective of a visa application, you need to emphasise one of the aspects of how you can come back and contribute to your home country and community with the knowledge you gained while studying abroad so that a visa officer will consider your return to your home country! 🙂

Global realities: post-study scenarios and the pursuit of PR

From a global perspective, the struggle to obtain permanent residency (PR) after graduation is an everyday reality. In Canada, as of July 1, there are 1,426,187 people who have work permits and are seeking permanent residency. With the recent changes to Australian education visas, including the introduction of the GST(Genuine Student Test), the situation becomes even more complicated. Numerous articles have described how it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain an H1B visa. The odds are 3 to 1, and that’s if you are lucky! It is important to understand the harsh reality of post-study scenarios. Add to that not only tuition fees, but also the cost of living, dealing with inflation in the current global economic situation and the pressure to balance academic goals with the necessities of survival.

A thoughtful reflection: making informed decisions

The decision to study abroad is a very personal one and is often influenced by financial considerations. While it may be possible for those who come from wealthy families, this isn’t necessarily true for those who rely on bank loans and job prospects to be financially stable. It’s a call for wisdom and awareness — a call for prospective students to research thoroughly, seek advice from people with real experience and trust their instincts.Empower yourself through education rather than burdening yourself. Choose wisely, and may your academic journey be crowned with success!!

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