H1-B Visa/The Dark side of the H1-B visa!!

Exploring the lure of the USA, H1-B and Silicon Valley with Success Immigration!!

Why are PR visas more desirable for security and peace of mind than a flashy H1-B visa??

It’s an undeniable fact that people can’t stop raving about the USA, H1-B visa, and Silicon Valley for their work or businesses! But did you know that many H1-B holders also want to immigrate to other countries like Canada or Australia? And why?

1.Pursuing Certainty: A Shift to Canada and Australia

I’ve clients from the US who are currently processing for Australia and Canada and currently have H1-B status. The first question I ask them during my initial consultation is, ‘Why are you considering Australia or Canada while living in the U.S. under H1-B? The most common answer? Certainty!

2.Navigating Challenges in H1-B Journey

Yes, we are aware of the challenges associated with the H1B visa program, both before and after approval. We are familiar with the intricacies of U.S. #immigration #regulations, particularly those that apply before obtaining a green card. The situation is fraught with considerable uncertainty, and reliance on temporary work visas is no guarantee of a secure and stable life in the US.

3.The Quest for Stability and Peace of Mind

How long are you willing to navigate this state of uncertainty, struggling with a lack of peace of mind and the constant pursuit of stability? It’s no surprise when I read this article from #CNBC about skilled professionals flocking to Canada from the U.S. to #Canada amid H-1B visa challenges. According to a CNBC report, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services received a total of 758,994 eligible requests for the H-1B program. However, only 188,400 were picked for the final draw to get these permits.

4.A Simple Choice for a Secure Future

So the answer is simple. If another country offers me all these benefits with security and peace of mind, why deal with uncertainty for a few flashy things? Why would I put myself at the mercy of United States employers??? Now you know why PR visas are more desirable for security and peace of mind than a flashy H1-B visa.

Choose wisely!!!

Below is the article link:

Skilled Tech Professionals Flock from the US to Canada Amid H-1B Visa ChallengesH1-B Visa/The Dark side of the H1-B visa!!

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