Can I get a job visa or work permit visa?

Beware of Job Visa and Work Permit Scams!

Oh, don’t ask, I’ve heard this zillions of times across all places, and the tragedy is that some people even market their services, claiming Canada is hiring skilled individuals who want to migrate/settle there. Interested people can comment. I see hundreds of comments. Really? What is happening?

Once I was asked, are you not selling LMIA?? LMIA is not like Hyderabad dum biryani where I can prepare and sell it hot! . It’s quite a complex procedure. Please be aware that LMIA’s cannot be sold by anyone.

Let’s set the record straight:

1️⃣ There’s no job visa to begin with! #workpermits for any country happen via investment, Skilled, PR, or employer sponsorship.

2️⃣ Receiving a #joboffer doesn’t mean you have a work permit. It means you may be eligible to apply for provincial nomination or a skilled visa if that country allows it, based on specific employers and other requirements.

3️⃣ To name a few examples, you can apply for OINP if you have a valid job offer from an Ontario employer, #UK Scale up, or a skilled worker visa if you have a valid offer letter from scale-up companies/businesses or licensed UK employers!

4️⃣ Again, this isn’t as fancy as it sounds! One thing job seekers must remember is that there’s no guarantee of securing a job offer, but it’s certainly worth trying! As long as you have this clarity, feel free to seek assistance from professionals who can guide you through the process and then pay for overseas career or job search services!

5️⃣ Just don’t fall for marketing gimmicks, and we can’t blame anyone. Do your research. All the information is available on official government websites. Refer to only government websites, not any third-party sites.

And for god sake, Canada/Australia/New Zealand are not hiring skilled people. Every country has its own demand list for PR or skilled visas depending on their labor market requirements. We have thousands of applications under the #EE pool and #subclass189 categories waiting for invitations from respective countries.

34,000 UK #scaleup companies/businesses are not eagerly giving offer letters to overseas employees. Stop falling for such promotions. It’s not rocket science to understand these facts. Period.

P.SIf you’re looking for honest advice on your immigration journey, don’t hesitate to contact us. However, if you’re looking for someone who will only tell you that Canada and Australia are eagerly accepting immigrants and your chances are guaranteed, then we’re clearly not the right people for you!

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