Immigration and Reverse Immigration:

No one is doing a favor by returning  to India: A myth of reverse migration!

I’ve read several posts on LinkedIn about people who have chosen to return to India from overseas, especially from the US. Having been in the immigration industry for over a decade, I’ve spoken to many people in that time and no one knows the real stories better than me. It’s not about reading books or drawing conclusions from articles; I can relate to people’s experiences in real time. I’m simply expressing my opinion, and that’s my right!

1.The inevitable return:

At some point, you will have to return to India from the USA – you read that correctly: In the history of US immigration policy, PRs(Permanent Resident Visa) have never been issued. People go there on a student visa or an H1B visa, both of which are temporary. Simply put, they must return to their home country once the purpose of the temporary visa is fulfilled, whether for study or employment. Of the 10% of people who have chosen this route, perhaps only 0.1% will receive a green card. A harsh reality of the “USA Greencard.”

2.Why stay in the USA?

    Secondly, why did all these people decide to stay back in the US after their studies or their employment contract in the first place? Obviously, they did not originally intend to return to their home country at this point; they may have chosen to stay for a variety of reasons, be it job opportunities, lifestyle, friends, circumstances, etc.

    There are numerous articles and posts about the downsides of H1B, including students reporting how difficult it is to find an employer willing to sponsor them on H1B. I myself have written several posts on this topic, including the recent article U.S. tech layoffs sent Indian workers home to an even worse job market” So it’s no secret that people originally went there with the intention of staying until the employer sends them back or the contracts expire!!

    3.A song of praise for reverse migration:

    In view of all this, it’s clear that at some point they must either return to India or migrate to another country. Perhaps the inclination to return to their home country is a better option than living in obscurity, or they truly believe that their home country offers better opportunities or is more meaningful when it comes to serving their country! I’ve come across numerous posts praising the decision to return to India. I cannot comprehend this logic! Why? How many posts have you read where an Indian US green card holder gives up everything and decides to return to India? There you go!

    There are exceptions, there is no denying that, but most of the posts you read are from H1B or TRV holders who are expected to return as per immigration rules and visa guidelines. Just to be clear!!!

    4. The Dual Perspective:

    I’ve been living in my village for three months for personal reasons. But when I moved from my village to the city in the past, it was for the same purpose. There is no comparison between my village and Namma Bengaluru; I could write a post about the costs and disadvantages of Bengaluru compared to my village, because now that I’m bootstrapping my business, my village suddenly seems like a better place! Do you get the logic!!! I miss Bengaluru and can’t wait to go back. But I also love my village, and I’d prefer both worlds!

    5. Immigration as a personal decision:

    Both immigration and reverse migration are deeply personal decisions. It’s not just about earning a living, but also about dealing with the challenges of settling in a new country. I’ve seen cases of PR holders from Canada who have returned to their home country, and it’s true! Even if you immigrate at the beginning, the journey won’t be smooth. It’s a challenge because you have to find your way in a new country, discover new opportunities, adapt to a different culture and work hard to establish yourself. Just yesterday, two acquaintances told me their migration stories and they’re still happy in Canada!

    6. Conclusion:

    Every coin has two faces, be it immigration or reverse immigration, and it’s a personal choice. It’s truly each to their own!”In the vast human experience, there’s no one-size-fits-all narrative. It’s a reminder that choices are shaped by unique circumstances and aspirations.

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