H1B Visa!! US Saga continues..

I was quite emphatic when I wrote about the downsides of H1B for both international students and work permit holders and discouraged H1B. I was even more emphatic when I mentioned my clients applying for Australian PR, especially those living in the US under H1B.

Recent events confirm the concern

“Once again, recent events only confirm what I have been saying, and I am not at all surprised. The logic is simple: why would the quota be closed in a few hours when Canada is releasing a special category of work permit for H1B holders? Why would someone who currently has H1B status want to apply for PR in other countries?

It’s an undeniable fact that people can’t stop raving about the USA, H1-B visa, and Silicon Valley for their work or businesses! But did you know that many H1-B holders also want to immigrate to other countries like Canada or Australia? And why?

2. The challenges in the USA and the H1-B journey

We are aware of the challenges associated with the H1B visa program, both before and after approval. Now let us delve into the intricacies of the US visa route.

You can either opt for an H1B visa sponsored by an employer or choose the second route.

The comprehensive journey of a person moving to the US usually involves the following stages:

  • Beginning as a student on an F1 visa,
  • transitioning to work on an OPT visa, transitioning to an employee on an H1-B visa,
  • approval of the i-140 petition for a green card, transitioning from temporary to permanent resident status,
  • and finally obtaining permanent residency.
  • After that, there is a mandatory waiting period of 5 years to apply for citizenship. The entire process can take a decade or longer, depending on immigration regulations and the status of the applicant.

3.The Quest for Stability and Peace of Mind

How long are you willing to navigate this state of uncertainty, struggling with a lack of peace of mind and the constant pursuit of stability? It’s no surprise when I read this article from CNBC about skilled professionals flocking to Canada from the U.S. to Canada amid H-1B visa challenges. According to a CNBC report, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services received a total of 758,994 eligible requests for the H-1B program. However, only 188,400 were picked for the final draw to get these permits.

4.A Simple Choice for a Secure Future

So the answer is simple. If another country offers me all these benefits with security and peace of mind, why deal with uncertainty for a few flashy things? Why would I put myself at the mercy of United States employers??? Now you know why PR visas are more desirable for security and peace of mind than a flashy H1-B visa.

The essence of PR amidst global challenges

Will a PR status change anything about the global crisis? Will there be no layoffs for PR holders in other countries? Yes, of course. So why PR? Simple: you do not live in a rented apartment that you have to leave as soon as your landlord asks you to pack your things! That’s just the way it is! The same logic applies: – you are not tied to an employer, you are free to choose your career and you also receive support from the relevant government, be it for your children’s education or to attend a course to improve your employment prospects. In previous posts I have given examples of my clients, in particular Sheridan College in Canada.

Dynamics of supply and demand

Once again, simple logic prevails – supply and demand! The more layoffs in the US, the more PR applications for Canada and Australia (this is always the case whether or not there are issues with H1B visas or layoffs in the US), and the rules will only get stricter in the future.

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