Exposing the reality of work visas: debunking myths and numbers Work Permits!!

Lately I’ve been hearing the following feedback from many clients: ‘We’re trying to get a work visa, so we can’t decide to migrate! Who doesn’t want to go under a work visa or work permit? Name me one person who isn’t willing to consider this option… Regardless of gender and age, everyone wants to get a work visa. I’ve written a post about this which you can check out if you’re interested.https://www.thesuccessimmigration.com/job-visa/

1)The ultimate dilemma: work visa vs. PR visa

Well, there is no comparison between a work visa and a PR visa because a work visa is temporary at any point in time. But if work visas were something achievable, why run an immigration business? We’d have been happy to process work visas from a business perspective right?? 

It’s a myth when people tell you that they’re are trying for a work visa legally provided your employer in your home country is willing to sponsor your work visa, or you’re lucky enough to be referred to apply for a work visa by an overseas employer with a handsome package, which has a 0.00001% chance!!!! No, I’m not saying that, the data says that!!! 

The harsh reality:

Work visa approval rate is the data that tells you the number of work visas approved each year. According to the data, it’s a few thousand and just one lakh.

3)The latest work visa statistics: 

 Published by the UK Government on November 24, 2022, reveal a total of 248,919 grants to main applicants, making up nearly two-thirds (65%) of all work visas. This includes 61,240 grants for ‘Skilled Worker’ visas and an additional 61,414 for ‘Skilled Worker – Health and Care’ visas. Shifting focus to Australia, the 2022-23 Migration Program Report highlights the granting of 35,000 visas under the “Employer Sponsored Category,” with 10,000 applicants residing outside of Australia. In Canada, the 2022 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration discloses a significant scale, with a total of 103,552 visas issued under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFW).. 

4)Conclusion: The Reality Check :

Please stop giving false hopes to yourself that you will receive a work visa through the legal route. Out of 8.1 billion people, only a few thousand work permits are issued from big countries, as per the data. Even if you happen to be that one lucky person to receive a work visa, then know that your investment of 3-4 lakh is worth the investment to secure your future and children’s education! It’s no wonder there are so many LMIA and work visa scams because we often overlook the legal and attainable option: PR!

Absolutely not convinced with this feedback when I hear this from clients. I will pursue this as it suggests that you’re either unwilling to make the investment for your PR or that immigration is not your priority which is something you will have to choose for yourself. A work visa is just a very clumsy option! Apologies if I’m brutally honest again, but it is what it is!!

P.S: Just FYI, I don’t obtain or publish immigration data or statistics from ChatGPT or Google. I rely solely on official government websites and the data I’ve provided in this content, which is published in the migration reports of the respective countries!

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