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Canada did not increase the number of invitations in September Express Entry Program 2023! Don’t be fooled by misleading sales tactics!

About Express Entry, I recently came across an insightful post that highlights a crucial aspect of immigration that we all need to address. The data speaks volumes – the number of Express Entry invitations was lower in September than in recent months, a fact that we mustn’t overlook.

Total number of Invitations

  • 8300- Sep’23
  • 8600- Aug’23
  • 9600-July’23
  • 9600-June’23

It’s disheartening to see some immigration professionals exploiting their clients. This issue extends beyond student visas to immigration matters as well. While every business needs to thrive, it shouldn’t compromise on ethics and honesty.

One question comes to mind: Why was September considered the prime time for Canada PR applications? Especially when invitation numbers were lower than in previous months. Yes, new categories were introduced, such as Transportation and Agri, but does that justify the extraordinary praise September to sell Express Entry?

If we want to promote Canada PR, let’s focus on what has been exceptional, like these two category draws!

Yes, we have all emphasized time and time again that the sooner, the better for any immigration program. However, it’s fundamentally different from portraying a specific month as extraordinary or simply presenting one side of the immigration coin and selling it to clients.

It is every professional’s duty to protect the dreams and aspirations of those who chose Canada as their second home by providing them with the facts, instead of painting a rosy picture of immigration!

Priya Gupal
Priya Gupal
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