When people value honesty and knowledge over big names or brands!

Australian PR process through ACS(Australia Computer Society) for IT professionals.

He is one of my first clients who believed in my work ethic and potential! For these reasons, he will always hold a special place in my heart!

➡️Nov’ 2015: We met on an #australian #forum where I was posting and answering queries.

-He was applying for Australian PR through #acs ((Australian Computing Society) as an IT professional from #singapore .

➡️Dec’ 2015: I sent him my assessment report for his case. He honestly admitted that he had chosen a migration agent, but he still promptly paid for my report appreciating my time and efforts.

– Believe me, few people in life are that honest. At that time I had just moved to #bangalore without a job and desperately needed #money to #survive . Receiving Rs 2000/- made a huge difference in my #struggling days. My eyes are watering as I write this and I will never forget those moments.

➡️January 2016: I’m not sure what changed, but he decided to give me the chance to file his application, believing in my potential and choosing to work with me.

-This opportunity has changed everything for me and I am forever grateful. It was a huge moment for me when he chose me over a renowned immigration agent’s company in Singapore! Not many will do that! Yes I did everything in my power to justify his application knowing I couldn’t afford to make a mistake.

➡️February 2016: We received the report of his skills assessment from ACS (Australian Computing Society).

-Meanwhile his personal circumstances have changed and he couldn’t consider the Australian process and he decided to go ahead with the UK and currently he lives in the UK.

➡️Thank you Ajayaghosh VL for all your support. If you hadn’t believed in me that day, I wouldn’t have processed so many successful applications and written this post today. I had no website, no client testimonials, no company to prove myself. But you still trusted me that I could get you an approval for your application.

– You just believed in that #honest , #aggressive , #knowledgeable girl that day and everything has changed since then! Do know that I will always be #grateful to you and you’ll always remain #special . Thank you!

➡️People value people, and that is why ‘The Good’ still exists! Perhaps that is why we were able to fight against something as dangerous and deadly as #covid.

– As you see in his profile he works for one of the reputed organisations JPMorgan Chase & Co.and I was reluctant to tag him. I tagged him with his consent.

P.S:  Ajay has referred enough clients to me and he has been kind in doing so. Its him and his family in the photo from the UK. 

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