What are Three hard facts about immigration?

Market Gimmicks about Work Permits, JOB Visa and LMIA

We usually receive inquiries about work permits, work visas, LMIA, PNP and PR. After 14 years in the immigration industry and having spoken with thousands of clients, we can confidently say that we have first-hand experience and a close understanding of this industry. That’s why we decided to write this awareness post

1. Work permits, Job Visa and LMIA

Work permits or LMIAs aren’t easy. The likelihood that the employer will actually bother to get your work permit from abroad is only 0.1%!

The most logical question to ask yourself before you fall into a trap for a work permit or job visa is: why would a foreign employer be willing to do anything for you when they could find the same skills in their country?

Yes, you may have exceptional skills for the job, but it’s not just about your skills, it’s also about supply and demand! It’s only fair for employers to hire someone who already has a work permit or permanent residence permit.

Work permits obtained by investing through Business Immigration are the best option if you have the financial ability, and of course, our own Express Entry is the best option leading directly to PR. So do your research before you fall for any tricks!

2. There’s no Guarantee on PNP

No one on this earth could possibly guarantee you the outcome of immigration! It’s like going through major surgery, hoping for the best, and trusting that you’re in the best hands!

There is only a 1% chance that anything can happen at any time, that is beyond anyone’s control! Profiles with low CRS and PNP options are not guaranteed!

I had a client with a CRS score of 330 who received the PR, but again, this is not guaranteed due to the various parameters involved in the PNP process. We can try our best, and yes, many clients have migrated with low CRS, but it all depends on time, effort, and, of course, a little bit of luck!

3. There’s no Guarantee or certainty on Australian State Nominations

Again, for the Australian skilled nominated visa, no one can assure or guarantee when a specific state will pick up your application or how long it will take. This decision is solely at the discretion of the state, based on the required points.

However, as experts, it’s our job to ensure we leave no stone unturned in pushing your application for any state that is open according to your profile until you succeed! Over our two years of service, we will explore every aspect to work with your application to secure a positive state nomination. We have successfully achieved this for numerous clients with as few as 60 points!

The ultimate fact remains that no one can guarantee specific timelines or results.


After all, we do not claim to be the only honest and best people! We would like to emphasise again that before you take any advice or consider possible immigration options, you should trust your instincts, inform yourself thoroughly, make a decision and choose someone who is brutally honest about the consequences rather than showing you a rosy picture and promising guaranteed results!

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