Immigration Facts:People migrate for various reasons, not just to fantasize a better financial outcome, and that’s nobody’s business!!

I usually don’t poke my nose into others posts or tweets unless it concerns my business or something that intrigues me. I have to respond to this gentleman’s tweet for obvious reasons! and these are all immigration facts!

Firstly, yes, there is no comparison between Mexico and Canada! Secondly, I understand the work permit scam or over-promising on the visa, as someone sent me the other day with the name ‘Visa on time’ guaranteed(Seriously?). But this is a whole other level now! No immigration consultant can change the economy of the country, and even if they try, how are clients supposed to believe it?

So my response is as follows:

1) First things first, don’t turn immigration into an escape from hard work! No country will entertain and feed you if you are not prepared to toil initially until you understand the work culture or get used to the country’s basic premise!

2) I come from a village and have never been anywhere . When I first came to Hyderabad, I couldn’t catch a city bus or find a job. No English, no communication skills – who was going to give me a job? Now I can’t blame Hyderabad for that right?

3) The same goes for migration. I don’t know where this mindset comes from when you migrate to a new country. Finding a job, settling down – things are not as rosy as they are portrayed on insta- reels with Niagara Falls or romancing in the snow!! Please be realistic!

4)Whether immigration is the right decision for you is your personal business, and you are the best judge of that. But you can’t possibly blame the whole country or immigration consultants for your lack of knowledge or awareness!

5)Everywhere you have to prove yourself for a better life; that is a universal rule! There are many medical services, the dollar exchange rate is higher than the INR, but all this is not free, is it? Everything has its price.

Do your research, stop falling for online marketing gimmicks, especially all those videos and tweets – as rightly mentioned by another user, People migrate for various reasons, not just to fantasize a better financial outcome, and that’s nobody’s business!

You are the best judge of your life, and you can’t possibly blame anyone for your choices! That’s stupidity! Sorry, no pun intended!

Just attaching the screenshot of the tweets!

Priya Gupal
Priya Gupal
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