Significant policy update to Canada start-up visa

  • Investment funds and provenance of funds: I think most Indian clients do not have to worry about investment funds, as far as I know how this is covered! But beyond that, applicants should be able to provide the provenance of the funds they intend to invest in. This is huge! There has never been such a requirement in the past, either for work permits or when applying for PR.
  • Applicants meet the requirements of significant benefit as set forth in Administrative Code A77 (not C-10), and this wasn’t previously part of the program. Isn’t it obvious that an innovative start-up by definition has significant benefit? but now we have to make sure that this condition is met because as per the eligibility criteria.

Although the rule went into effect on May 18, the case officer may still come back and request additional documentation for all work permit and PR applications currently being processed under the new rule!

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The Success Immigration
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