Canada Startup Visa saga continues.. !

The Canada Start-Up Visa has encouraged immigrants in the U.S. to move to Canada.

As I was telling someone why I personally had a concern as an immigration consultant, or rather the flip side of the Canada Start-Up Visa, which I’ll cover in another post, there are currently about 1,336 PRs issued under Federal Economic – Business (24). Personally, I don’t like to give numbers like 1500 or something like that which doesn’t match with the IRCC website (I’ve provided the screenshot in the comment section to show the number).

The 13,334 figure is certainly not a small number (it refers to the entire federal economic class, not just the SUV). As far as I know, most applications for startups go through Business incubators, but there is no data to show how many applications were handled by venture capital funds, angel investor groups, or Business incubators. This is probably the most important note I can give to anyone who follows this program closely! For obvious reasons, I won’t divulge everything now, but I’ll come back to the context 🙂

As reported by CIC News (, the study found that the introduction of Canada’s start-up visa program in 2013 increased the likelihood of U.S.-based immigrants starting a business in Canada by 69%

The study used a dataset of 1.2 million US-based individuals who founded a company either in the US or Canada between 2006 and 2021.

The research also found that immigrants to the US from Asian countries were the most likely to start a business in Canada.

Well, yes, undoubtedly the Canada Startup Visa is still the hot favorite of many as it’s not a conditional PR, and of course there is no ranking system to compete, no education restriction; you don’t have to come from an English medium school 🙂 You just need to get your language skills up to the level of CLB5 🙂 and most importantly, you get an open work permit, which was never the case with most entrepreneur categories as it was usually a closed work permit. So that makes the Canada Startup Visa an exceptional category”
“In terms of the number of permanent residents admitted in 2022, India tops the list with a total of 118,224 immigrants, which is also no small number

If you’d like to know more about the Canada Startup Visa (I’ll of course give you the facts honestly, including the downside, as I always do for my clients), please send your profile to or fill your details

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