You’re incredibly demotivating!! Immigration Facts

You’re incredibly demotivating!!

This comment was shared with me by one of Express Entry clients a couple of days back. She believes that with a CRS score of 380, she stands a chance to receive a direct invitation from IRCC. I pointed out that the last draw had a CRS score of 541 (latest 536), so why would IRCC suddenly become so generous to draw down CRS to 380 now?

That’s it! She felt disheartened, and I shared that feeling. I took 15 minutes to collect myself and then resumed my work. She was disheartened because she started her process last week, and though they did not commit to her anything about the outcome, the current CRS and current situation were not communicated to her.

So here is the thing…

1)If you have a CRS of 380 (Even 480 for that matter), there is no guarantee that you will get through EE ITA directly unless some miracle happens. Yes, there is a chance with miracles, but until then, please keep trying with PNPs.

2)There is no employer sitting in Canada and distributing LMIA. Even if they do, and even if you’re lucky enough to get through, please know it’s a closed work permit. Please don’t increase the population of 1.5 million work permit holders who are still not able to apply for PR, obviously because a work permit does not equal PR.

3)If you don’t know what you’re going to do with your work permit status, especially if you’re above 40, please don’t invest money in LMIA or work permits without knowing how you are going to obtain PR after 1 or 2 years; there’s absolutely no point. 

4)Invest in any work permit or visa category that leads to PR and ensure you are well-versed with the process and understand which visa category may be suitable for you in the future. Ask for the links from IRCC. Every pathway, every visa category is clearly mentioned on the IRCC website; if something is not mentioned, it is an illegal pathway! Education is the key! After all, as you say, it’s your hard-earned money!

5)All work permits are Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs), and all investment visas (C-10/C-11/LMIA, Province Entrepreneur/Owner Operator, ICT) also start with obtaining a work permit first. Eventually, you can apply for PR through Express Entry or Province Entrepreneur PR programs if applicable, except for the Startup Visa.

6)The Startup Visa is currently the only investment category for Canada that allows you to apply for PR directly.

7)There is no guarantee in immigration. No matter who or what investment you’re making, whether you’re hiring a lawyer/agent/minister, whoever… no guarantees whatsoever.

8)If anyone is sugarcoating any immigration process, be it any, and not being brutally honest, then they are only interested in making you a fool, and they are not interested in your application, your profile, your life. They are simply interested in your money. Over and out.

Lastly, I’m not demotivating anyone; in fact, I’m educating you with the facts, and I’m not guilty of stating the immigration facts. All the above facts are true for anyone, anywhere, anytime in immigration!

Given the trend, maybe I’m a bad salesperson, perhaps I’m very poor at advertising, maybe I don’t know how to conduct business with sugar coating or attract clients by showing only one side. But, there’s one thing I’m damn good at, and that’s stating facts and sharing my knowledge about immigration! And I will continue to do it until I get tired!

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