H1B visa saga continues…

H1B is fortunately not brewed in ‘Namma Bengaluru breweries!!

Well, before I get to the main topic, let me give you some background to the story! 

We wanted to try out a Sulekha ad campaign as a startup. It’s too costly to rely solely on Google ads. So, one of my teammates and former colleagues suggested Sulekha for the ads. I thought to myself, who the hell inquires about  immigration in Sulekha now? They then indirectly told me, ‘If you don’t have a budget for a BMW, then adjust with a Skoda.

I thought to myself, all right, that makes sense. Then Sulekha had this country option, and we tried it but got nothing for other countries (quality leads), and then suddenly their marketing team said, “Ma’am, you have to include the U.S.
I said ‘Okay, but what category? They said the names I don’t even know what hashtag#visas they have. Anyway, they’re not interested in categories. Obviously that’s not their area of interest, and I understand that. They go to great lengths to give you leads, which I appreciate. We haven’t gotten a single quality lead yet, but I appreciate their efforts!

It’s been about a week now, and most of the leads are from “hashtag#nammabengaluru because that is of course the city where my office is registered and mainly from the IT sector(Yes quality leads!!). They all ask: ‘Are you processing for an H1B visa? I’m looking for an H1B visa..!!

 You know the tone is just like ‘Just get me a wheat beer at the URU pub!!! I’m like, ‘bro, chill…there’s a lot of procedure and a lot of competition, and the most important thing is that no one is sponsoring you for H1B! Yes, for all the people out there looking for H1B, it may break your heart, but if you don’t have an employer sponsor, you won’t get an hashtag#h1b , and even if you get one, there’s more shit after getting H1B, so please read this post of mine on our website. (https://www.thesuccessimmigration.com/h1-b-visa-the-dark-side-of-the-h1-b-visa/)

Unfortunately,I have to say that ‘H1B is fortunately not brewed in Namma Bengaluru breweries!” For everything else, there is a PR visa! H1B cannot be bought or simply stamped like a visitor’s visa. I just hope there are no more scams in the market like LMIAs and work permits for Canada.

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