Express Entry Canada PR Hard facts.

Why do you think my chances for Express Entry Canada are slim when everyone talks about two draws happening every month?

You Have to Prove honesty V/s Myth of Express Entry.

  1. I received a call on my official number from a client in Hyderabad who found me on Google. He’s 39 years old, holds a bachelor’s degree, and has over 13 years of experience, and scored an overall 7 on his IELTS (though it was just a mock test).
  2. I explained that the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is often the best route, but no one can guarantee PNP results, and chances can be slim with a lower Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. However, I also shared success stories where clients with a CRS as low as 330+ got through PNP. I encouraged him to give it a shot and explained how he can improve his CRS score.
  3. Innocently, he asked, ‘I’ve talked to many people who said there are two draws happening every month for Express Entry, and my chances are high. Isn’t that true?’ I took a moment, then spent the next 10-mins explaining Express Entry, sharing links to recent draws and CRS calculations from IRCC, and asked him to make an informed decision!
  4. I didn’t hear from him that day, but the next day, he called to thank me for being honest. He decided to drop his Canada immigration plan, now understanding the reality. He had thought it was easy, and he would be in Canada as soon as possible! But he learned that the immigration journey begins with facts, not myths.
  5. Important note: Remember, I didn’t discourage his immigration dream, but I discouraged false hopes. Making an informed decision based on facts is the way to go in the immigration journey. That’s my purpose, and I won’t compromise on it, no matter what.

🇮🇳 : The whole world knows how India is developing, and that’s why I’ve included that particular pic in this post. I’m glad he decided to stay back in India rather than paying someone without learning the facts and understanding his fair chances!

The aspiring entrepreneur in me says: ‘Such a bad entrepreneur you are!’ Oh no, I’m not saying this to earn brownie points; that part of me actually mocked me! :

My conscience said, ‘Brilliant job, Priya! Your purpose is to educate clients about immigration based on facts and build trust, not sugarcoat the process.

I’ve always been vocal about the flip side of immigration, sharing immigration facts, only the facts. Yet, I’ve had enough success in my career because it’s always fruitful to work together when we start the journey with facts and not myths!

P.S: If you’re looking for honest advice on your immigration journey, don’t hesitate to contact us. However, if you’re looking for someone who will only tell you that Canada and Australia are eagerly accepting immigrants and your chances are guaranteed, then we’re clearly not the right people for you!

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