Ek Choti si Canada immigration story ( Express Entry)

Canada Express Entry

1)April 2018-First call:  My client, who was recommended to me by his brother (a very dear client who believed in me during the early days of my career), reached out and said he was considering Canada Express Entry, as Australia may not be the right choice.

During our conversation, we realized that he had a real chance to apply directly to receive an  ITA (Invitation to Apply)since his CRS score was 460+. However, we were uncertain about when IRCC would raise the score.

He also mentioned that he had missed applying once before when his friend had immigrated a year ago with the same score!

He said, “Let’s try, Priya, and I’m ready to try my luck!” The determination in his words was still fresh in his mind.

2)October -2018: We applied for the EE pool 

3)January -2019:Received an ITA (Invitation to apply)

We filled out his visa application right on his wedding day.Yes,  I remember following him until midnight as he got ready for his “haldi rituals.” The next day was his wedding, such an auspicious occasion, and I was so nervous that I kept calling him to check the details before submitting the visa application! I often get nervous on days like that!

4)March 2019:Then came a twist: We hadn’t originally planned to include his spouse, but circumstances changed, and we approached IRCC again to include the application for his spouse. Thanks to my strategic preparation, no questions were asked!

5)September 2019: We received the passport request and we obtained the visa for him and spouse both together and he flew to Canada. 

Although we don’t keep in touch all the time, one fine day I happened to see his Whatsapp DP with his beautiful child. I smiled and sent him an SMS back with my best wishes!

The memories are very beautiful, and the experiences are worth cherishing. What I liked about him was his determination and his will to always do his best. Of course, there were challenges, and it wasn’t as easy as I describe here, but when the client trusts you and knows that you want the best for them, working together becomes truly rewarding.

Immigration is no longer just paperwork or a process, it requires strategies and the use of time and opportunity. Whenever a small window of opportunity opens up for us, we must be ready to take advantage of it!

If your CRS is low, you are interested in Express Entry, please call us and I promise you will hear only the truth about the process and nothing but the truth!

Stay tuned, we will address the topic of finding a job overseas in our next post and discuss how immigrants can successfully find a job and what specifics they should look out for.

P.S: The client sent me this photo with pleasure, as he now lives in Mississauaga.

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