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Express Entry Data never lies!

Vital Data and Facts You Need to Know!

The federal government is tightening its policy on the number of migrant workers in Canada. In 2023, 6.2% of Canada’s population were temporary residents, a figure the government aims to reduce to 5% by 2027. The government also will make changes to its labour market impact assessments (LMIA) ; new LMIAs issued will only apply for six months, instead of the current time limit of one year. The official statement says: “The Temporary Foreign Worker Program should be a last resort.

Tougher crackdown on migrant workers: will this affect Express Entry?

So does the policy change affect the Express Entry program? The answer is nuanced — a cautious ‘maybe”. It’s not black or white — it’s a cautious ‘maybe’ The reason for this ambiguity is worth considering. “It’s no secret that many opt for a temporary visa as a stepping stone to permanent residency in Canada because the tough requirements and the processing times are long. Yes, if someone can get permanent residency faster, why would they pay $30,000 CAD in tuition fees rather than $7,000 CAD? This excludes those who are seriously focused on their studies and of course not apply to those who are genuinely interested in studying!

However, it’s not just the fresh graduate students seeking educational visas to study in Canada. People with a few years of work experience or recent graduates aiming for further education clearly see the benefits of choosing education visas.

Impact of the CAP system and measures against migrant workers

The first major announcement to include the CAP system in the “education visa” was that “there was a ‘loophole'” Yes, and therefore the action, and so is LMIA. There was a ‘loophole’, and that’s why 6.2 percent of the Canadian population has a TRV! This in turn leads to the regulations being rigid to ensure that this percentage is reduced to 5 percent by 2027!

What does the future of Express Entry look like? At this point (March 11, 2024), there are a total of 211,220 candidates in the pool, of which 50,569 have a CRS score between 401 and 450. So there is a possibility that the number of EE applications could change due to the significant changes to the education visa and now the LMIA. Well, not everyone can afford to invest $100,000 CAD and apply for an investment visa to immigrate, right?
So for skilled professionals, Express Entry is still the best solution available

Future prospects: Possible changes to Express Entry

What does the future of Express Entry look like? At this time (March 11, 2024), there are a total of 211,220 applicants in the pool, of which 50,569 have a CRS score between 401 – 450. So there is a possibility that the number of EE applications could change due to the significant changes to the education visa and now the LMIA
Will the CRS go down in the near future? The data won’t lie!!! We’re already through the first quarter of the year and 25,195 ITAs have already been issued, including yesterday’s draw from various categories under EE, including French language skills and targeted occupations, as well as general draws!

Analysis of immigration levels and CRS Scores

Immigration levels for economic immigration category in 2024 were set at a total of 281,135, of which 110,770 are for EE (including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class) and 110,000 for the Provincial Nominee Program. So technically, according to the immigration plan, this leaves 110,770 – 25,195 = 85,575, while the total number of applicants in the EE session is currently 211,220, of which 50,569 alone have a CRS range of 401-450.

So given the data, it’s unlikely that we can expect miracles with the low CRS; however, in my personal opinion, it might not be consistently at 500+. But you never know! Anything can happen with immigration!

Possible opportunities and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

So does this mean the end of Express Entry for applicants with lower CRS candidates? Essentially, no! Again, I’m not saying that, the data says that! Five provinces have issued provincial immigration invitations in the past week, which is quite promising, especially because the OINP has issued 2,281 Notifications of Interest (NOI) for Tech occupations (CRS) with scores between 468 and 480. This is enormous considering the circumstances!

There were also two Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) draws on February 20 and the second on March 5. PEI Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) with 83 points for the health care, construction and manufacturing sectors.

Challenges and strategies-2024

What does the year 2024 look like for Express Entry? At least so far! Well, just not PNPs and some target occupations with the lowest CRS, especially Agriculture and agri-food occupations, healthcare and transportation, it looks really promising with low CRS!

PNPs are also promising, as mentioned above. In any case, I can say that 2024 is all about strategies when applying for Express Entry, and those who  know probably know what I mean when I say that! There is always hope!

I always tell my clients that you can not sit on the sea and try to measure the length or say to yourself, ‘Oh, let us wait a while, who knows if a boat will come and take us ashore! No, you have to jump and try to swim! That’s how it works! Those who are always risk-taking and determined will eventually reach the shore, and so it is with immigration! Nothing in life is easy and free, not even immigration!

The importance of dynamic strategies

Where do we go from here? I’ve probably encouraged DIY Express Entry before; I’ve probably written more than 100 answers on Quora exclusively about EE and PNP for people to apply for provinces. I also mentioned DIY on my website. But now Express Entry isn’t just about filling out the form and waiting in the pool! It requires attention like never before, strategies to see how well you can customize your profile and what opportunities you have based on your past and current work experience or in your field, can you successfully get a job offer from a Canadian employer? Where are the opportunities if there are no opportunities, how can you create one, and so on and so forth!

This picture is probably best illustrated for “Express Entry” right now, so always consult someone who not only has extensive knowledge of the whole program or PNPs, but also comes with such dynamic experience and passion to find the best opportunities for your profile on the very competitive and only “Express Entry” program!

For personalized advice regarding your profile and your chances for Express Entry in 2024, send your resume to

Best wishes to all you candidates who are waiting in the EE pool patiently!

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