If I’ve 100,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD, isn’t it wiser to invest that money in my Indian company than in a Canadian start-up visa?

Is it worth investing in a Canadian start-up visa?🇨🇦 I was recently asked this question. I don’t want to preach about the merits of starting a business in Canada, nor do I want to dismiss this question as trivial. The truth is that it’s a valid question and the answer isn’t one-size-fits-all!

Based on my experience working with entrepreneurs throughout my career and the valuable lessons I’ve learned, I’d like to outline here why an entrepreneur should consider the Canadian startup visa.

Why Canadian start-up visa?

The Right Capital

First and foremost, the Canadian Start-Up Visa isn’t for individuals who want to invest $100,000 to $200,000 CAD in their own business in India or any other home country. This program is intended for individuals who have the financial means to invest overseas in addition to their innovative ideas or concepts. Money is an essential requirement along with innovative concepts.

Investment vs return

Entrepreneurs understand the concept of investment and return. When considering the program, they weigh their $100,000 CAD investment against the long-term returns. With this visa, you have the opportunity to obtain a Canadian passport for yourself and your entire family, the flexibility to relocate, work anywhere in Canada with open work permits, and most importantly, the freedom to start your own business or explore new entrepreneurial avenues. This is an investment in countless opportunities. The question is, “Is it worth it?” The decision is yours.

Family Benefits

The Canadian Start-Up Visa is a family visa that includes children under the age of 22, making it an attractive option for those who wish to send their children to Canada for higher education. The total cost of education, including tuition and living expenses, can range from L50 to L70. If you invest in the Start-Up Visa, you’ll not only secure the benefits mentioned above, but you’ll also benefit from reduced tuition fees for your children. This is another aspect you should consider when making your decision.

Curiosity in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship often goes hand in hand with curiosity. Entrepreneurs are curious souls who are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur curious about exploring your skills on a global stage, the Canadian Start-Up Visa could be a worthwhile investment. It opens doors to a wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities overseas.


Business is about a dynamic of give and take. If you expect a return or are interested in the above, then investing in a startup might be the right choice for you. If there is no investment & your business is doing well in your home country, second best option is ICT!

Again it’s your choice where you want to invest!

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