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Australian Permanent ResidencyWhat would be the cutoff points for IT professionals for Australian Permanent Residency, considering there has been no draw for the entire 2023 from DHA for the IT profession?

We are pleased to inform you that one of our clients has received NSW approval for the position of ‘Developer Programmer”

If you’re considering Australian Immigration, please take some time to read this , and we promise you will be well-informed after reading the whole content!

It’s excellent news considering ITAs for IT profiles.However, we want to educate you that there is a lot of overhyped advertising for the Australia process, stating, ‘We’re doing bulk recruiting for Australia for many positions – 50,000 candidates needed. Please like the post or simply comment ‘INTERESTED.’ IT profiles are in high demand in Australia. Australia is calling skilled professionals. Hurry!!! Eligibility is only 65 points!!’ You might have read or seen these advertisements on various platforms

Reality: So the client has received the ITA(#InvitationToApply) from NSW((New South Wales)) under the subclass of 190 for 90 points!!! Well, we are not saying we will get to see the days or the profiles where it can be picked up from lower points from NSW or other states.

This is the reason why I keep telling my clients: “An ideal time for immigration would have been a year ago, but the right time is “NOW”

Our business innocence:

“The Importance of Innocence in Business”: and what is the innocence of business? A business should have a kind and pure heart. Instead of just chasing profits or advertising, we should focus on people and doing the right thing. I’m proud that all our posts on immigration are about facts and data!( we have repeatedly mentioned the cut off points for IT profiles )That’s the only USP of our company!!

We at Success Immigration care about relationships with our clients, and our business isn’t just about making money; it’s about helping someone with honest facts to realise their dream of moving to a foreign country where both the land and the people are new. We’re transparent and open in everything we do in relation to the immigration business and will continue to do everything in our power! We will never sugarcoat the process, we will only convey the facts of immigration.

I am attaching the client’s ITA received from NSW (New South Wales) in November ’16 for 90 points for an IT profile!!!! (For software developers, his score was 85 points.)


Once again, this client was able to receive the ITA for NSW only because he had his skill assessment done and started the process and in the EOI much earlier!

There is no overnight ‘success mantra’ in immigration; It’s about time, expertise, advice and ensuring the process is carried out correctly and in a timely manner – these are the factors you can control for a successful immigration journey!

If you would like to work with us, be assured that honesty, transparency, and our commitment to your application are guaranteed! That’s the only USP we have at the moment.

You can call us if you want to discuss or get started with your Australian immigration journey! As we always say, ‘Choose us only if you trust us!!

Thank you!

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