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In our country, most things are paid for!

 Paid business advertising, paid marketing hype, paid business magazines featuring your business, paid awards… I am not talking in the air here! I have been approached by a few business magazines/platforms to feature my startup and then do marketing campaigns, advertising etc. for an amount of XYZ! So much so that I was recently chosen by one of my favorite Bollywood actresses to receive an award, which I had to turn down because I do not believe in paid awards/campaigns! So next time you see an award or magazine featuring someone, yep,you  got it!

Honest business will suffer because people will see the advertising and fall for publicity! Sadly, the original ones remain low-profile due to an inability to afford marketing in this marketing era! That’s a tough pill to swallow!

When I founded Success Immigration, my only goal was to provide my clients with honest and ethical immigration practices without sugarcoating the process or showing them only one side of the immigration process

That was my goal, and I never wanted to build a unicorn or compete with other immigration businesses. I simply wanted to fulfill my duty as an immigration consultant in an ethical manner. I’ve been in this industry for almost 13 years and have seen the industry and people’s emotions first hand, but I’ve also seen the ugly side of this industry — work permit scams, over-promises, false promises, fraud and so on.

I’ve also witnessed many people’s dreams come true and that was my great inspiration to start Success Immigration. My testimonials and my clients appreciation for my work are the only reason and motivation to make it this far. Success Immigration operates on a modest budget, which limits our ability to do extensive marketing. And Success Immigration won’t pay anyone for our company to appear in any magazines or receive an award from a Bollywood actress.

Our clients are the only source for advertising, branding, marketing, everything! Because we are committed to being honest with our clients and we only promote ethical business and business practices, we rely heavily on working with our clients, and our clients play an extremely important role in our business.

Success immigration, for the clients, by the clients, and we wholeheartedly thank our clients for their continued support. We do not have fancy, lavish offices, we do not have branches in every city, but our unique selling point is our honesty, our best team, our knowledge, our expertise and, more importantly, our ethical practices. We are brutally honest about the facts and that’s how we take our clients on board. We are very sure that only a handful of people in this industry take payments from clients after laying out the facts, and we proudly say we are one of them!

I’m delighted that my journey as founder of Success Immigration has been featured on Startupstoriez. And I say this honestly: I didn’t pay anything for my story or my company! It’s a great moment for us because we haven’t sold our soul to paid promotions and awards, and we’ll continue to work ethically no matter how hard it may get in the future!

This achievement is particularly significant, not only because we share a platform with established startups like “No Broker” and Zivame, but also because when you do what you do with all your heart and honesty it gets noticed somewhere! 

I could not have founded Success Immigration without the support of my clients. A big thank you for their support. The article highlights our commitment to ethical practices, honest advice and presenting the facts on immigration without embellishment or confusion – that’s our unique selling point!

Thanks for all your support along the way!

Below is the link to our story:

The Success Immigration
The Success Immigration
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