Australian Permanent Residency for Singles!!

Australian Permanent Residency process for Singles!!

Are you single? Ready to Mingle??

We at Success Immigration look forward to receiving your application for Australian PR process.

Now, why Australia??

Well, Australia is the only country that fully welcomes singles by awarding 10 extra points for permanent residency visa. Yes, you read that right!

Logic?? Maybe Andrew Giles (Minister for Immigration of Az) knows the benefits of being single!

But no kidding, it’s a great benefit of being single as you get 10 pints for free and it’s a great relief to the Australian pr process as we struggle to get more points due to the strict criteria for immigration!

If you want to know more about immigration to Australia, just visit our website and recommend it to your friends who are single and ask them to fill out a contact form (only if he or she wants to go to Australia!)

This doesn’t mean that happily married people don’t have a chance . Australia has a package for you. You can also provide your spouse with English language plus skills to get an extra 10 points .

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Priya Gupal
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