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Education is the key, not the place: whether Bengaluru or Jalandhar! Australian Immigration facts!

So I happened to talk to a gentleman from Patiala from Punjab about Australian immigration , and unfortunately his visa application for subclass 190 was rejected because of employment verification, even though he had studied and worked in Australia. He returned to India and started working as a restaurant manager.

His wife is a Cook and this time they approached a consultancy firm in Jalandhar to get an Australian PR visa wife as the main applicant. They were told, “Yes, we can get you the approval,” and they applied for the process. The Skill Assessment, the first stage, was apparently rejected because they didn’t meet the requirements of the Vetassess (Skill Assessment Authority). I asked them why they hadn’t checked the fact sheet before applying.

There is a detailed document for each profession, known as a ‘fact sheet,’ and it takes less than 10-15 minutes to read and understand. After all the consultations . He said he’d think about it and revert. I was fine with that, but then he continued, ‘Madam, you’re very far away, and we can’t come to Bangalore.’ I asked, ‘Why do you want to come to Bangalore?’ He replied, ‘To see you and trust you.’ I responded, ‘What happened to the people whom you saw and met in Jalandhar and applied for the process??

I mean, really?’

I’ve never counseled any client with a 100% guarantee of a visa outcome for any visa, especially for Australian immigration with my extensive experience, you name the occupation, and I likely have success with it, but that doesn’t give me the authority to say ‘100% guaranteed.’ We put our heart and soul into the applications, and even if rejected, I’m willing to keep working for my clients until they find a solution. After all, it’s just immigration, not a heart transplant surgery! As long as we’re sincere in our approach, something should work for us.”

I always said and will continue to say… until people are willing to educate themselves and invest that time and effort instead of just blindly paying someone because they’re nearby or live in the neighborhood, such rejections and scams are inevitable!

I concluded my counseling by saying, ‘It’s not about Jalandhar or Bengaluru; it’s about the right approach, transparency and most importantly knowledge! If you believe you can work on these aspects, I’m happy to work with you. Trust has to be built on action and unfortunately it’s not written on my face when I meet and greet you!

Don’t trust me just because I’m sitting near your house or in your town and guaranteeing you the visa; that doesn’t help in immigration! I may not be able to afford to have an office in your city, and I may not know Punjabi to have a conversation and comfort you in your mother tongue. But tell me, are my counseling and approach not truthful, providing the immigration facts required for your PR process??

Priya Gupal
Priya Gupal
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