ACS approval for Australian Immigration!

Another feather in our cap!! ACS approval for Software Engineer

Another ACS approval for AustralianPR, subclass189 this time for a software engineers . . Brilliant profile, a straightforward case. My client has worked at top companies like Microsoft ,Facebook and Netflix. The only glitch, however, was the payment evidence. Currently, he’s in the USA under an h1b visa. Yes, I’ve mentioned this many times that we are filing PR applications for clients who are residing in the US at the moment under h1b visas for obvious reasons. If you missed this point, please read it again!!

According to ACS rules,2 forms of payment evidence as per the guidelines that cover the beginning of your employment and end (current) of your employment is mandatory.

Unfortunately, both Facebook and Microsoft did not have pay stubs for the beginning dates(Microsoft did issue however he lost it and Facebook did not for the first month) and , neither do bank statements as this was more than 8-10 years ago. The bank also refused to provide old statements.

This left us with only one piece of evidence, which is tax-related. As per the rule we have to submit two proofs and we were able to provide supporting documents, including an official confirmation from the respective employers, especially META for the payslip , and voila!

It was accepted! I clearly informed the client of the rules, but I am glad we did everything in our power to get points. We were aiming for 8 years experience, which will get us 15 points. Anything less than 15 points would have put us under pressure, so we are so relieved!

Well done to my team, especially my case manager who is just brilliant. It’s a collective effort because the client is humble and very cooperative, and we had to exchange a lot of communication on this, but here’s the result.

We at Success Immigration are very happy and this is just the beginning. Now we have to work towards the EOI, which is an important part of the journey. I will certainly keep you updated. As I always say, every client is unique and important, and so is their journey.

Didn’t we always say good things will always happen to good people!??

P.S: If you are interested in immigrating to Australia, please send your resume to Of course, you will only be told the facts about your eligibility and the process! 🙂

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